Adult Camps

Not only kids can have fun and learn

Experience the one of a kind atmosphere of our unique adult camps and become part of the international hockey movement. Both on and off-ice practices are conducted by our professional Czech coaches, which not only make sure that you get the right kind of practice that fits your individual skill level but they also make sure that you will have the hockey holiday of a lifetime.

Not only kids can have fun and learn
Why should you join and adult camp?

Why should you join and adult camp?

Did you think that hockey camps are only for kids dreaming about playing in the NHL? We welcome adults of any age and ability to our camps. All you need is a passion for the game.

The Czech International Hockey Camp organizes four adult camps every year (including a women’s camp). The program is nearly identical to the summer kids’ camp: two ice trainings every day, plus strength training and the necessary regeneration activities (swimming, sauna, Jacuzzi), all in a comfortable environment and under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Training method and typical camp day

The CIHC Adult Camp is offered to players 18 years of age and older. Players of all skill levels are welcome into our program. We offer three skill groups to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each group is limited to 25 skaters and 4 goalies.

All adult campers will have the option of up to 4 hours of ice time each day! Each group will receive a 75-minute training session in the morning, 75-minute training session in the afternoon and 1 hour of optional ice in the evening. The optional ice time is available for private lessons and individual skill development every evening. Optional recreational activities include swimming, football, golf, tennis and roller hockey.

Training method and typical camp day

Camps dates

Spring camps

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Summer camps 2022

  • 17. July - 23. July
  • 24. July - 30. July
  • 31. July - 6. August
  • 20. August - 26. August
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Fall camps 2022

  • 16. October - 22. October
  • 23. October - 29. October
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Winter camps 2023

  • 26. December - 1. January
  • 1. January - 7. January
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