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We have great news! Our Summer Camps will take place as usuall in July and August, 2021. Sign up here and see you soon.



1. What do I need to pack?
  • Full hockey equipment (+ extra underwear if possible)
  • Hockey stick
  • Ice skates
  • Sports clothes for outdoor off-ice trainings
  • (sport shoes, tracksuit, shorts, jackets or hoodies, T-shirts, cap)
  • Extra pair of clean and non-marking shoes for indoor dryland training in the gym
  • Swimsuit and flip-flops
Additional items:
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Sufficient number of underwear and socks
  • Pyjamas
  • T-shirts, hoodies, shorts/pants for free time or the Prague trip (jeans)
  • Slippers
  • Medicine (if you require to use any regularly)
  • Backpack (for the trip to Prague)
  • Playing cards or favourite toys for leisure time


2. Do I need any insurance?
Yes, you need a regular travel insurance valid in the EU (or Czech Republic only) but also some sports insurance covering medical, legal and liability costs to any injuries sustained during the sport activities.
3. What time does the camp start on the first day?
Registration usually starts at about 13.00 and goes until the evening. Nevertheless, the opening ceremony is usually held at 15.00 and is the official start of the camp. You will receive a schedule via e-mail before the beginnng of the camp where you will find all the information you need.
4. What time does the camp end on the last day?
In most cases the camp ends at 14.00 in the afternoon. However, there might be some changes in the program, so please follow the schedule that you will receive during registration.
5. Can parents observe the on-ice trainings?
Yes, parents can watch the on-ice sessions but we kindly ask you not to disturb the trainings nor enter the locker rooms before and after the trainings (especially for the older groups - Bantam and Midget).
6. Can I join the on-ice training in order to help my child?
No, we are sorry, but this is strictly forbidden. Parents are not allowed to take part in the trainings. Parents can watch the on-ice sessions but we kindly ask you not to disturb the trainings nor enter the locker rooms before and after the trainings (especially for the older groups - Bantam and Midget). However, you can join your kids on the ice on the so-called open-ice sessions held in the evening.
7. Do you provide players with hockey gear at the camp?
No, we are sorry we do not offer this service. However, you can buy all the hockey equipment you need in the ice hockey shop in the Ice Arena, where all of our campers receive a 10% discount.
8. Can I rent hockey gear at the camp?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, you can buy all the hockey equipment you need in the ice hockey shop in the Ice Arena, where all of our campers receive a 10% discount.
9. Can I rent a car in Nymburk?
Yes, the office staff at the camp will help you with this. If you already know that you will need a car, please, contact us under and we will book a car for you in advance.
10. Can I rent a bike in Nymburk?
Yes, please come to the office after your arrival and the office staff will supply you with one.
11. My child is at the camp right now, what number can I call to get in touch with him/her?
Please send us an e-mail and tell us your kids name and age and we will send you the telephone number of the supervisor who is in charge of your child during the camp.
12. How do you make sure my kid is supervised?
Each age group has two to three supervisors which are dedicated to caring for the players in their group 24 hours a day. They make sure that they wake up on time, that they are at practices and meals on time and that they are monitored during free time.
13. What if the level of my age group is too high/too low for me?
During the first day the coaches of each group monitor the player’s level and are able to move them to the right group. These changes can occur throughout the week as well but are most likely to happen during the span of the first practices.
14. How do you make sure my kids goes to bed on time?
The supervisors of each group send their kids to their rooms at ten o clock and their rooms are periodically checked up on thereafter.
15. How do I know that this is the best camp that I can send my child to?
Since 1999 have we been organizing the camp and it has been growing ever since. We only have qualified, professional coaches which all have vast experiences in coaching and everybody is supervised 24 hours a day. There is nothing that this camp does not offer and our growing number of players proves that we are doing it right. Read the testimonials and campers feedbacks to find out what other people had to say.
16. What can I as a parent do during the camp?
While some parents chose to watch their kids practice others take advantage of our extensive program which is created for them. The program usually consists of various excursions to historical and monumental sites all over the Czech Republic. A detailed program will be sent before the beginning of the camp.
17. Won’t I be too tired after practicing for a whole week?
Recovery is just as important as practices. We interrupt the training process midweek with an afternoon excursion to Prague and additionally we send the players for some quality relaxation time in the Jacuzzi or swimming pool.
18. Which countries do people that attend the camp come from?
We are an international camp and each year we have over 30 different nationalities which come and visit us.
19. Will I be able to participate in trainings if my English is not perfect?
Although, the official camp language is English people get by with only knowing the mere basics of the language. Ice hockey is what bonds people together and all of the exercises are thoroughly explained and shown before being executed by the players.


1. What type of visa do I need?
Participants coming from non-EU countries, (except for e. g. USA, Canada, Australia) are required to to have a visa. If you are coming to the Czech Republic just for the camp, you will need a short-term visa – issued for the stay in the Schengen area. Find out all the necessary information by clicking on
2. Can you send me an invitational letter?
Yes, we can definitely send you an invitation letter. Please send us your passport details, including your name, surname, date of birth, passport number (place of birth is compulsory just for the citizens of Kazakhstan). Please also send us a fax number to which we can send the invitational letter in case the Czech consulate in your country does not accept the e-mail copies.


1. What is the nearest airport to Nymburk?
The nearest airport to Nymburk is Prague Airport (PRG) Ruzyne.
2. Will somebody pick me up at the airport?
Yes, we can pick you up at the airport. Please, inform us about your flight details (flight number, date, exact time of arrival/departure, terminal, number of people coming) at least two weeks before your arrival. The price of the transport service is 65 EUR per person and way.
3. Is airfare included in the camp price?
No, the airfare is not included in the camp price.
4. Do you organize the trip to the Czech Republic for us?
No, we are sorry but we are not able to organize your travel to the Czech Republic.
5. How will I be able to find your representative at the airport?
After your arrival, please, pick up your baggage and come to the arrival hall. One of our representative will be waiting for you, wearing a CIHC T-shirt and holding a CIHC sign. In case you are having difficulties finding this person please call the camp office: +420 603 422 558 and we will help you out.


1. Can I stay with my kid at the Ice Arena Hotel or do I have to stay at the hotel Ostrov?
Usually we advise parents coming with their kids to have them stay together with the rest of the players in the Ice Arena or Sport Centre Hotel where they are cared for by our supervisors and coaches. If your child is less than 8 years old and you think he or she still needs your attention then we will enable you to stay together in the same room.
2. Do I need to bring bed sheets and bed covers?
No, all of our hotels provide their clients with the bed sheets and covers.
3. Do I need to bring a towel?
Everybody will obtain a towel at each of the hotels, nevertheless players should bring an additional towel for practices.


1. Do I need to bring Czech Crowns or do you accept Euros in the Czech Republic?
The official currency are Czech Crowns but some stores and restaurants in Prague accept Euros too. Nevertheless, when paying with Euros the exchange rate is rather bad therefore we recommend people change their Euros to Czech Crowns.
2. How much pocket money do I need to bring?
In general we say that 50 EUR per week is enough money so that kids can buy drinks or some small snacks during their stay in the camp. Some of the parents give their children money to buy hockey gear, therefore one would need to then take in account the prices of these items.
3. Where can I leave my valuables?
All players and parents alike are able to leave their valuables and important belongings such as passports or credit cards in the hote safes.
4. How can I pay the balance?
We kindly ask you to pay the balance in our camp office during registration. We have introduced this system so that in case people are unable to attend the camp we do not have to wire the money from our bank account back to yours and spend additional money on costly bank transactions.

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