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Pinzolo summer hockey camp

DATE: 16. June - 22. June, 2024

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Kate Kroupova
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About the Pinzolo hockey camp

Our NEW camps in Italian Pinzolo offer a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the Italian Alps combined with top-tier hockey training. Nestled in the picturesque Val Rendena, Pinzolo provides an ideal backdrop for both professionals and amateurs to share their love for the sport. With a strong emphasis on personal and collective growth, our dedicated team ensures a friendly and safe environment for all campers.

Join us and explore the perfect blend of Italian charm and elite hockey training at the Pinzolo Hockey Camp, where memories and skills are crafted against the stunning backdrop of the Trentino region.

Figure skating
!New! Figure skating camp
DAY-CAMP typical day

DAY-CAMP typical day

The day camp is well-organized, offering a comprehensive schedule that includes both on-ice and off-ice sessions, each lasting 75 minutes. Participants can enjoy a lunch break included in the overall price. The afternoon session mirrors the morning, providing another round of on-ice and off-ice activities. What sets this camp apart is the bonus of evening open ice, resulting in an impressive total of 18 hours spent on the ice and 10 hours dedicated to off-ice practice every week. This exceeds the standard offerings of other camps in Italy.

Importantly, the entire program is closely supervised to ensure the safety and guidance of all participants throughout their experience.


Pinzolo is a delightful destination that combines the beauty of the Italian Alps with a rich cultural heritage, providing visitors with an authentic and memorable experience in the heart of the Trentino region. Nestled in the picturesque Val Rendena, Pinzolo is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, surrounded by the majestic Brenta Dolomites. It is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, especially hikers, skiers, and mountaineers, owing to its strategic location close to the Adamello Brenta Nature Park and the Madonna di Campiglio ski resort.

The Pinzolo ice rink

The Pinzolo ice rink

The Pinzolo ice rink was created by passionate ice skating enthusiasts with the aim of providing a special place for both professionals and amateurs to meet, share their love for the sport, and enjoy memorable experiences. Our dedicated team is committed to creating a friendly and safe environment, emphasizing personal and collective growth. Pinzolo offers the perfect setting for families seeking a combination of training opportunities for their children and an active vacation in the Dolomites. It's a destination brimming with daytime outdoor adventures and a vibrant array of evening attractions. Our dedicated team is committed to creating a friendly and safe environment, emphasizing personal and collective growth.


By car

Depending on your starting location, there are well-connected highways and roads that can lead you to this charming town nestled in the Italian Alps

By plane

If you opt for air travel, we recommend using one of the nearest airports, such as Milan-Bergamo Airport, Bolzano Airport, or Venice Airport. From there, you can easily reach Pinzolo directly or access the nearby town of Trento, where you can board our shuttle service for a convenient transfer to Pinzolo.



Even though the camp is in the form of a day camp, we offer a solution for every need. You can choose from our recommended accommodations Centro Pineta, Hotel Bellavista near the ice arena, or opt for accommodation of your choice in the area.

For parents

The Pinzolo area offers a wide range of activities you can enjoy while your kids are engaged in their training. From exploring the charming local markets and indulging in authentic Italian cuisine to taking leisurely strolls through the picturesque town, there is no shortage of ways to make the most of your time in this enchanting region. Additionally, the area boasts numerous hiking trails and cycling routes that cater to various skill levels, providing an excellent opportunity for parents to immerse themselves in the breath-taking natural beauty of the Italian Alps. For those seeking relaxation, there are several wellness centres and spas where you can unwind and refresh, ensuring that your stay in Pinzolo is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

For parents

Program day boarding camp

Typical day schedule

06:30 – 08:30 Breakfast
08:30 – 09:45 On ice practice 1
10:15 – 11:15 Off ice practice 1
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
14:30 – 15:45 On ice practice 2
10:15 – 11:15 Off ice practice 2
17:30 – 19:30 Dinner
20:30 – 21:30 Open ice open ice on ice practice 3
22:00 Lights out


Youth camp
(ages 6 and above)

Price: 660 EUR/WEEK

Ideal for young aspiring players, our Youth Camp is designed to provide children aged 6 and above with a strong foundation in hockey skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Players are grouped by age and skill level to ensure that each young athlete receives appropriate guidance and coaching.

Adult camp
(ages 18 and above)

Price: 660 EUR/WEEK

Our Adult Camp welcomes participants aged 18 and above, catering to both experienced players looking to refine their skills and enthusiasts who want to enjoy the game while acquiring new abilities.

(youth / adult camp)

Price: 860 EUR/WEEK

Experience a highly personalized training approach with a low coach-to-player ratio of one coach to three players, ensuring focused attention and tailored guidance for optimal skill development. Our program offers two on-ice 75-minute practice sessions daily, complemented by two off-ice 60-minute practice sessions each day. Additionally, participants benefit from an extra 30 minutes of on-ice power skating practice to enhance their skating abilities.

Goalie camp
(youth / adult camp)

Price: 660 EUR/WEEK

This camp is open to both young aspiring goalies and adults seeking to improve their goaltending skills.


Coach Kamil Vávra

Kamil Vávra

Kamil Vavra serves as the Head Coach for U16 and U14 teams at HC EPPAN/APPIANO, with an additional role as Assistant Coach for the U19 team. He has notably guided the U19 team to Italian Championships in 2022/2023 and 2021/2022, as well as securing the U15 Italian Championship in 2021/2022. Kamil's coaching experience extends internationally, including participation in the IIHF World Championship D III Qualification in 2018 and the IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia in 2018 and 2019. Since 2008, he has been a coach for the Czech International Hockey Camp. As a player, Kamil has an impressive background, competing in the IIHF World Championship U18, IIHF World Cup U18, WHL in Canada, and winning championships in the SPHL and FHL in the USA, as well as achieving the title of Slovak 2 Champion.

Coach Tomas Mahovsky

Tomas Mahovsky

Tomas Mahovsky is an ice hockey coach with a rich history spanning back to 1994. With an extensive background in coaching youth teams at TJ Viktoria Marianske Lazne and HC GRATO Marianske Lazne, Tomas has been a pivotal figure in the Czech International Hockey Camp since 2006. Holding a "B" license in ice hockey coaching and an "A" tennis-coaching license, Tomas is a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education at Palacky University in Olomouc. Beyond his coaching roles, he also served as a PE and Geography teacher in Prague from 2006 to 2010 and later expanded his global coaching experience as an assistant coach for the Kuwaiti national team. Currently, Tomas is the head coach for the Italian-based ice hockey club ASV PRAD, bringing a diverse and enriching perspective to his coaching career.

Coach Karel Herr

Karel Herr

Formerly a successful player with four titles in the European University League for Charles University, Karel Herr transitioned to coaching at the age of 19. With a wealth of coaching experience, including leading the men's A-team in Pisek (2nd league), Karel is currently pursuing his master's studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University. Holding an "A" coaching license, Karel has undertaken internships and work-related visits to various countries, including the USA, Russia, Mexico, and China. Currently coaching in Hong Kong for the 2023/2024 season, Karel brings a dynamic and well-rounded approach to player development.

Coach David Ciboch

David Ciboch

David Ciboch, a dedicated ice hockey coach and physical education teacher, earned his Master's Degree in Physical Education and Sport in May 2021, enhancing his comprehensive understanding of athletic development. With over 8 years of experience, he brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Currently serving as the Head Coach for Youth Categories at the Abu Dhabi Ice Sports Club, David oversees coaches, ensuring the delivery of high-quality training sessions that foster both skill and passion for the game. His background includes teaching physical education and civic education at and coaching youth categories at IHC Písek. A key contributor to the Czech International Hockey Camp since 2015, David actively shapes the next generation of hockey talent. Holding a "B" hockey coaching license, he excels in merging theoretical knowledge with practical coaching strategies. With a stint as a fitness coach, David's ability to design specialized training programs for hockey athletes further underscores his dedication to the sport.

Coach Petr Hucko

Petr Hucko

A Charles University graduate with a Master's degree in ice hockey, Petr Hucko holds the internationally recognized "A" license in ice hockey coaching. Starting his playing career in HC Cheb and later contributing as a captain to four titles for Charles University in the European University Hockey League, Petr has coached in various countries, including Denmark, France, Sweden, and Italy. With coaching experience in prestigious clubs like HC Sparta Praha, HC Hvezda Praha, IHC Pisek, Herning IK, Boro Vetlanda, and HC Merano, Petr currently serves as a coach for the Hong Kong Typhoons. His diverse coaching background and international experience contribute to the global perspective of our coaching team.

Goalie Coach Filip Kubis

Filip Kubis

Spent six years in France's second division playing for Reims and Tours, followed by three years in the third division with Toulouse-Blagna. His outstanding performance earned him the title of the best goalie and a spot on the all-star team of France 2 in 2011. Since 2013, he has been coaching at the Czech International Hockey camp, while also serving as a dedicated goalie coach for Pisek Youth for five years.

!New! Figure skating camp

Welcome to our new Figure Skating Camp, where the magic of gliding on ice meets a week-long adventure of learning and joy. This camp, featuring 18 hours of on-ice training for the week, plus an additional 10 off-ice training sessions, is tailor-made for figure skaters eager to elevate their skills and passion for the sport. Throughout the week, participants will have the incredible opportunity to work closely with experienced coaches and skilled professionals, delving into a comprehensive program aimed at refining their technical abilities and unlocking the expressive artistry of figure skating.

In addition to the enchanting world of the rink, our camp extends to off-ice training sessions, focusing on building strength, flexibility, and mental resilience—a holistic approach to skater development. We want this experience to be about more than just perfecting moves; it's about embracing the artistry and athleticism that make figure skating truly special. Join us for a transformative week where passion meets precision, and skaters of all backgrounds come together to celebrate the joy of figure skating.


Figure Skating Coach Alice Leopardi

Alice Leopardi

Head Coach for SC Merano's Bronze and Synchronized Skating teams, also serves as Assistant Coach for Silver and Gold categories. Her coaching highlights include leading EC Gardena's Bronze team and coaching HC Eppan/Appiano's hockey teams since 2021. Alice was the Head Coach of the Kuwait National team from 2017 to 2021, representing them at the 2019 Winter Children of Asia Games. As an athlete, she was an Italian Champion in Synchronized Skating and represented Italy at the Synchronized World Cup of Juniors in 2006/2007, participating in various international championships (ISU Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy, ISU Prague Cup and ISU Spring Cup).