Czech International Hockey Camp

Every individual has talent in them and all it needs is the right person that will know how to bring it out and to further it and that is how we treat every single player at our camp.

We believe that by creating a competitive international sporting environment hockey is able to change the world for the better. Hockey-enthusiastic people that from an early age on are exposed to their peers from all over the world are to be the leading role models for the next generations to come. They are able to see that although there might be a difference in language, culture or skin color, deep down all of them are exactly the same; they are hockey players!

Now it’s your time to become one of them!

Summer camps 2024

  • 14. July - 20. July
  • 21. July - 27. July
  • 28. July - 3. August
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Fall camps 2023

  • 15. October - 21. October
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Winter camps 2024

  • 27. December - 2. January
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Spring camps 2024

  • 31. March - 6. April
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All Camps are available for Adult, Youth, Individual Adult/Youth or Goalie category. More information about the location.
New prices are valid from upcoming Winter Camps.

Typical week at the Camp

Typical week at the Camp

How does a typical week at the camp look like? A typical day on Camp includes two on-ice sessions alongside with two off-ice sessions. Third on-ice session is every evening’s open ice, an optional hour, where everyone meets on the same ice to practice whatever they feel like, or develop individual skills in a private lesson. At the end of the week players get to show what they have learned in a final game. All off-ice trainings and games are supervised.

We know, that reconditioning after a whole day of trainings is also important, that’s why we offer many opportunities to relax, like swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi or massages.

Mid-week trip to Prague - On Wednesdays we organize a half-day trip to Prague. We want to show the participants all the beauties of the historical city center, but it’s also a great way to take a break from all the trainings and relax a bit.

Team camps in Czech Republic

We organize custom-tailored camps for individual teams from all over the world in Czech Republic. Any given week we can prepare camps coached by either the team’s own coach with our support or by our own coaches. Anything is possible!

The individually structured training plan is focused around each and every teams wishes and skill level. In most cases teams choose a combination of training sessions combined with friendly games or tournaments while also paying attention to the regeneration activities. Anything is possible! Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us with your requests and we will do everything to make your team camp an unforgettable experience. We have been designing these camps since 1999 and therefore expect us to deliver the best possible service.

Please contact and together we will create the ideal program for your team or club.

Team camps in Czech Republic
Camps on home ice

Camps on home ice

You’ve never been to our camp but you would like to have us visit yours, or you liked what you experienced at our camps and you would like your team to get the same kind of training at your home ice? NO PROBLEM!

Our professional hockey coaches are ready to take their knowledge to the people.

Typically we try to create a similar training program to that of what we have at our traditional camps; nevertheless mostly it is altered in order to fit the environment and size of the groups. Intensity, length and the amount of coaches are all just a matter of our mutual agreement.

Please contact and together we will create the ideal program for your team or club.

On-ice trainings

Practice and learn an intensive type of Hockey game, under the professional supervision of experienced coaches. We allow the maximum number of 30 players on ice so the training sessions are as intensive and non-stop as you can imagine and manage.

It is not going to be that easy but you will feel the results through self-improvement, and self-satisfaction almost immediately. We believe this to be the best personal reward we can offer.

Our trainings are based on typical elements of Czech hockey trainings, like „Smart Game", Timing, crossing, breaking to open space, breakout, regrouping, neutral zone transition, rotation in corners, fore-checking, back-checking.

Training videos
On-ice trainings
Off-ice training

Off-ice training

Not only do we have professionals on ice, but we make sure off-ice is just as focused and structured.

These trainings are a mixture of drills like jogging, hand-eye coordination games, stretching, agility development, stamina, quickness, flexibility, coordination or acrobatics, but there is also time for games, we like basketball, floorball, street hockey, Inline hockey, soccer, baseball, frisbee, mini-golf, and a variety of other recreational games. And of course a bit of fitness - circuit training, station training, plyometric, plus modern muscle development techniques.

Important part of each Camp is also Classroom, where coaches discuss player‘s techniques and skills during video review, as well as ice hockey theory, rules and tactics. And last but not least - we are trying to teach players personal responsibility, self-discipline, motivation and how to be a good team player.

Parents and Families

Make this a family event!

We welcome and take care of family members just as we do of our players. You can watch your children during hockey trainings, travel around Czech Republic‘s most beautiful historical cities, while your kids will be under our supervision, plan bike trips, enjoy full access to sport facilities, or simply relax. And don‘t forget to pack your skates, so you can join them during evening‘s open ice sessions!

The price for a week stay is 490 EUR in a single room or 690 EUR in a double room in our Camp hotel.

What is included in the price? Accommodation and breakfast, Prague sightseeing trip, Bbq for parents and attending players and goalies, joining kids during open ice sessions.

Full board is optional for 180 EUR/week. More about packages

Parents and Families
Before you go…


Choose from two distinct hotel options - Camp Hotel or Parents Hotel.

"Camp Hotel", conveniently located next to the ice arena, is included in the camp fee for all players. On the other hand, for those seeking a more upscale experience, "Parents Hotel" is the perfect choice for accompanying family members or players seeking a private, single room.

Ensure a seamless and comfortable stay by letting us know your preferred accommodation in advance. Simply add a remark in the application form or reach out to us directly at after signing up.

So, gear up, sharpen your skates, and experience a first-class stay like never before!

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Travel in comfort and style to the Camp site with our transfer options. Take the Hockey Shuttle, leaving from the Prague airport at noon on Camp day one, with a stop near the main train station in the city center. Or, elevate your journey with the Hockey taxi - a private car that can accommodate up to 9 passengers, anywhere and anytime.

To secure your transfer, book in advance through our email at You'll receive a confirmation with all the details, ensuring a seamless arrival at the camp.

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About us

About Us

The Czech International Hockey Camp is an international ice hockey event organizer operating in and out of the Czech Republic since 1999. We specialize- but are not limited to- the organization of ice hockey camps, tours and tournaments for players of all ages and levels.

Since 1999 several thousand players from all corners of the world have visited us to experience Czech ice hockey coaching at its finest. Others have chosen to invite us to their home rink where we try to recreate the atmosphere present at our camps in the Czech Republic.

While focusing on state of the art practices we pay great attention to spreading the spirit of legendary players such as Jaromir Jagr, Patrik Elias, Dominik Hasek and many more. Have a look at your favorite NHL team and you are bound to find at least one Czech player that has come from exactly the type of training that we try to pass on.

Our team

David Cisar David Cisar Camp director / Founder of CIHC
Lukas Tramba Lukas Tramba Head coach / Founder of CIHC
Petra Trambova Petra Trambova Office director