Covid-19 Update

Unfortunately, we have to cancel all our Spring Camps due to the persisting bad situation here in the Czech Republic. We will make sure we are good to go in summer and will make up for all the previously cancelled camps! Sign up here or contact us to change your application to one of the Summer Camps.

Covid-19 (DEC 5th)

According to the Czech Anti-Epidemic System, the summarised risk index for the Czech Republic is at 57, which equates to alert level three. The situation is slowly getting better and better and we hope to move to alert level two before start of the camp. That would mean increasing the capacity for indoor activities from 10 to 50.

Either way, we are ready for both situations and will have smaller training groups if needed. We will also separate them as much as possible in order to prevent any risks.

Face masks are currently required in all indoor premises and selected publicly accessible locations.

Unfortunately, most countries need a negative COVID-19 test in order to enter the Czech Republic. This will hopefully change in the upcoming two or three weeks. All red countries need to have a negative COVID-9 test after arrival, all orange and green countries DO NOT have to be tested. See the map for details.

If you have any questions about this or need any assistance, please, let us know and we will be happy to help out.


We would also like to inform you that we do pick-ups from other cities in Germany and Austria, so if you have a group of people that would love to come but cannot travel to Prague/Czech Republic, we can offer transportation from cities like Dresden and Vienna, too! Just let us know and we will be happy to help.

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