After a hard day of training we make sure that all of our players get the relaxation they need.


Your body has many different needs! Not only do we make sure that all of our players get four meals a day and that there is a constant supply of isotonic and non-isotonic drinks, but we also administer mandatory rest periods for all age groups in order to make sure that everybody is well and rested. Detailed attention is devoted to overall body development such in the form of dry land training, biking, swimming, etc. As well as relaxation through such activities as; sauna, massages, games, etc. Everything is administered with the assistance and guidance of our professional trainers and instructors at one of the best training centers available to the Czech athletes.


Recovery and Relaxation

  • Steady food and liquid supply
  • Mandatory rest periods
  • Stretching
  • Jacuzzi, Swimming pool, Massages
  • Half a day rest period in the middle of the week which is used to visit Prague