Have you and your team always been dreaming about visiting foreign countries and playing local teams in various cities?

Now is the time to turn your dreams into reality.


Whether it is the Czech Republic or any other country that you would like to visit to live your dream, then don’t hesitate and contact us. For several years now we have been working together with hundreds of clubs and associations from all over the world in order to enable you to have the holiday of a lifetime. It is one thing to come to a city and see the local sites but it is a whole different experience if you also get to play the locals. Not only does this give you the chance to measure your strengths but it also gives you the possibility to find out first hand what ice hockey in the particular city is all about.

Ben We feel that this quote from one of the players says it all. "It was always my dream to visit Europe, but I would have never thought I would also get to play ice hockey there. My team and I visited the Czech Republic for 10 days and we got to experience both its great hockey and normal culture. Not only did we play several games but I also made friends with Tomas and Honza from the Prague club we played. Both are planning to come and visit us in Canada next year and we hope to be able to show them just as a great time as we had in the Czech Republic."
Ben, Quebec


Write us an email with your request and we will construct a sample offer for you where we will try to meet all your needs. In your email please mention what level your team plays at, the size, the average age and of course what countries you would like to visit. Please also specify the type of accommodation standard that you would like to have ensured.

We are looking forward to receiving your request.


Whether you want to tour around the Czech Republic or go international,
we are able to organize it all.