Player and goalie accommodation

2 – 3 beds per room, bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi

Younger players will stay in Nymburk’s legendary sports complex near the beautiful river Elbe in the cities picturesque countryside. Besides apartments the sports complex offers a large dining room, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness room, gym and adjacent tennis courts, volleyball and beach volleyball courts, soccer fields, a running track and a mini golf facility. The sport center is in easy walking distance from Nymburk’s city center. Transportation to the ice arena is arranged by regular shuttle bus service.

Older players will be accommodated in the Ice Arena Hotel which is located 50 meters next to the ice rink and also features 2 – 3 beds per room with private bathroom, TV and Wi-Fi connection. Older players will also be able to use all of the facilities at the sports complex where the younger players are accommodated.

Family accommodation

Family members will stay in the 2015 reconstructed rooms of the sport facility which feature the newest interiors of all Nymburk hotels and allow parents to use all of the services offered by the sport center facility(Jacuzzi, Swimming pool, Gym, Tennis courts…), while being in the close vicinity of their kids. Not only will you get to enjoy the comfort of modern rooms but you will also be right where all of the action is happening. Besides all of the sports facilities the hotel offers a bar, communal room and it is ideally situated right on the banks of the picturesque river Elbe which is great for romantic walks or inline and bike rides. Frequent shuttle bus service allows parents to travel to the ice rink or city center in no time.

Hotel Ostrov

Parents also have the possibility to be accommodated at the Hotel Ostrov located a 10 minute walk from both the sport center and ice rink.