Youth Camp

Summer Camp - Hockey Player

Six weeks in summer and six weeks throughout the rest of the year are dedicated to our one of a kind yout camps. Since 1999 youth players from all over the world keep returing to our world renowned ice hockey camps that are annually visited by over 8000 players from more than 34 different countries. It’s the type of practice that many of your team mates can only dream of, as you will be coached by the best to be the best. Both players and parents alike get to spend holidays of a sort that neither of them will ever forget.

Although our trainings are hard they never lack the element of fun. Sport is not supposed to be only about teeth grinding drills but it is important that kids enjoy what they are doing. If one finds fun in what one does then there is no need for artificially created pressure, but players will automatically give their best in order to achieve their dreams and goals. Therefore, we make sure that all trainings are as diverse and multifaceted as possible so that there is never a dull moment in any of the practices.

Summer Camp - Training

The element of fun in our camps is also always enhanced by the amount of players from different countries that meet and are all able to bond through their shared passion, which is hockey. While practicing as well as in their free time the players are exposed to various cultures and customs making the whole camp experience even more valuable for them. Not only do players learn first-hand about other cultures, habits and ways, but it is here that international friendships are formed.

We offer 4 weeks of intensive training camps for players ages 6 - 18 years during summer, 2 weeks of training in fall, 2 weeks of training in winter and 2 weeks of training in spring.


On and off-ice sessions are provided by educated and experienced coaches and instructors with excellent knowledge of English - which is the official camp language.

Summer Camp - Hockey Players

Date of the winter camps

  • December 26th, 2017 - January 1st, 2018 (Monday - Sunday)
  • January 1st - January 7th, 2018 (Sunday – Saturday)

Date of spring camps

  • March 25th - March 31st, 2018 (Sunday – Saturday)
  • April 1st - April 7th, 2018 (Sunday – Saturday)

Date of the summer camps

  • July 1st – July 7th 2018 (Sunday – Saturday)
  • July 8th – July 14th 2018 (Sunday – Saturday)
  • July 15th – July 21th 2018 (Sunday – Saturday)
  • August 5th – August 11th 2018 (Sunday – Saturday)
  • August 12th – August 18th 2018 (Sunday – Saturday)

Date of the fall camps

  • October 14th - October 20th 2018 (Sunday – Saturday)
  • October 21st - October 27th 2018 (Sunday – Saturday)


Nymburk, the Czech Republic


Have the best summer ever with your family in the heart of Europe!

The Philosophy of the Czech International Hockey Camp

  • Intensive on and off ice training, as well as high quality relaxation and recovery possibilities.
  • Top sport facility in the Czech Republic where the best Czech ice hockey players and other athletes train for the upcoming season.
  • Highly trained and experienced Czech as well as international coaches.
  • Camps designed specifically to prepare 6–18 years old players for the upcoming season.
  • Camps build for players who desire to play world-class ice hockey.
  • Focus on individual playing activities.
  • Sessions held at high speed and intensity with special and harder training drills.