Czech International Goalie Camp 2015


Winter Goalie Camp26th of December, 2017 - 1st of January, 2018
Goalie Spring Camp25nd of March - 31st of March, 2018
Goalie Camp 11st of July - 7th of July, 2018
Goalie Camp 28th of July - 14th of July, 2018
Goalie Camp 315th of July - 21th of July, 2018
Goalie Camp 45th of August - 11th of August, 2018
Goalie Fall Camp14th of October - 20th of October, 2018

Training methods

Special goalie training using modern techniques takes place under the watchful eye of Josef Hovora, an experienced coach of such personalities as Hasek, Turek, Cechmanek, Hnilicka, Salficky and others in their junior age.

Throughout the whole week, goalies get comprehensive training which will help them substantially in following seasons. Video technology is used during the training on the ice. Players are taped in a variety of situations then the videos are analyzed right on the spot or in the nearby classroom. This provides an important feedback so that the goalie can eliminate weak points.

Goalie Camp

Another tool used is the goalie band. This is a revolutionary new training tool for ice hockey goalies of all ages and skill levels. It teaches a goalie how to properly position themselves in the goal crease when facing a shooter by "gently reminding them" when they are backing up too far in the crease. By using the Goalie Band in practice situations, goalies become accustomed to setting up at the front of the crease area, thus cutting the angles and giving shooters much less of a target to shoot at.


On-Ice Training

Our specialized station regimen challenges you to perfect your fundamentals and then advances you to game-like situations with shooters.

Goalie Camp

Along with Coach Hovora we have 4 additional goalie coaches giving you a 4:1 goalie to coach ratio to maximize your learning experience.

  • Advanced game situations
  • Over 17 hours on-ice per week + game
  • AM session with instructors & shooters
  • PM session with instructors & shooters
  • Evening session
  • Break away competition

Off-Ice Training

Our off-ice program includes hand-eye / foot-hand drills to improve reaction time, intense agility, flexibility, balance and endurance training to increase your speed and confidence in the net.


Goalie Camp

In the classroom coaches will prepare players for all parts of the game. Our coaches will discuss the mental preparation which is needed to become a successful goalie. Daily video critique will be done in a smaller class size. Goalies will make notes in their weekly handbook.


We are using

  • Most modern goalie training methods available
  • Teaching methods and drills in accordance with the goalies age
  • Intensive physical and mental training
  • Experienced goalie coaches with relevant pedagogical education and long-term practice

Goalie Coaches


Ice Arena Nymburk, Czech Republic

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