Our Philosophy

Stars are made not born!

Our philosophy

We strongly believe that every individual has talent in them and that it just needs the right person that will know how to bring it out in a person and what to do with it.

Further we believe that hockey enthusiastic kids which from an early age on are exposed to peers from all over the world, are to be the leading role models for the next generations to come. They are able to see that although there might be a difference in a person’s language, cultural values or skin color that deep down all of them are exactly the same. They are hockey players!

We believe that by creating a competitive international sporting environment hockey is able to change the world for the better.

Players with Coach
  • Intensive on and off ice training, as well as high quality relaxation and regeneration.
  • Top sport facility in the Czech Republic where the best Czech ice hockey players and other athletes train for the upcoming season.
  • Highly trained and experienced Czech coaches.
  • Camps designed specifically to prepare 6–18 years old players for the upcoming season.
  • Camps build for players who desire to play world-class ice hockey.
  • Focus on individual playing activities.
  • Sessions held at high speed and intensity with special and harder training drills.
  • Players will become familiar with transition game and ice hockey tactics.